I love to travel, in the broad sense of the term. If my geographic adventures are pretty slim, I seize every moment of life for travel:
-a joyride nose to the wind,
-the preparation of a sweet meal for my guests,
-the story of a friend,
-the skin of a lover,
-body entwined by a library Chair, the eye scanning those words I just surprise in a book.
– and and and… the radio!

If I live for several years without TV, I cannot get the radio! So thanks to France Culture, that I'm not tired of listening, which takes me into the scrubland at HEC, in the kitchen, factory… And that this afternoon, pushed me gently before this terrible door, where I cried a thousand times to the Lady does not… And who yet dropped the key of fairy, in the blood of the previous women in Bluebeard…

You and your daily life? How do you travel?