… are sometimes bright. It depends on the color is given. To change color, here is my solution:
-A beautiful friend.
-Joy to the heart to the idea to find her!
-The nose to the wind, history of let life slide on his body.
– And eyes open!

It is therefore by afternoon rain, Temple Street, my not trotting along at the pace of those of the charming Sukie that we uttered a cry of concert: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" We had to fall in love with two men trying to discuss a showcase full of colors and mottled things. White letters proudly baptizing the place:

I then put a pump in this Alibaba cave under the watchful eye of the owner of the premises.
After taking full the Peepers, I pushed a second shout: "Oh" (you see nothing to do with the first) in front of the new edition of the book "flowers for Algernon" of Daniel Keyes.
Before the questions of Sukie, I said:
-Leave the floor to the specialist (for the owner).
-I have not read it.
-Ah oki… I take the Word then?

So I am here in a few seconds trying to clarify the plot of the book while trying to withhold the most important moments. Conquered, Sukie took the life of Charlie Gordon and its special relationship with the mouse Algernon. As in any good exchange of process, Sukie conquered me on another book: "Eat, Pray, Love" tracing questions and the journey of life of Elizabeth Gilbert.

It's in the middle of this bilingual bookstore that Christophe Persouyre started talking about the book "The road" of Mahout Mc Carthy. And there listening to him you're driven by ambivalent emotions: listen to it for hours and never leave the store / leave the field to devour the book. Short at number 36 temple Street, lies an island treasure, inhabited by a character that it is good to meet. I can only encourage you to put those magical moments in your life!