Yesterday, a young man told me "you, I'll see you in a couple with a 50-year-old man". To which I replied: "it's funny, I don't at all". And him to insist: "me, so really".

I found appropriate to tell him that my last favourite was younger than me. I then read the entire weight of the judgment in his eyes. Whatever vehicle the company for ages: a man can hold his arm a younger, even much younger woman. It is often a sign of social success. It has succeeded, it is therefore entitled to this kind of trophies. But a woman who loves a younger man, she is not credible, no mure, see unhealthy. The current terminology is that implementing this system of thought. When I say have had younger companions told me: "Aahh! You are a cougar! "." And answer me: "no, I'm a woman".

The man who has occupied my thoughts in recent months, is younger and lives in another city. One evening during a meal, a family friend tells me he went in the same city and propose to bring it back to Troyes so we spent the whole weekend I refused because of the family, I did not have the courage to assume this difference in age.

Because in company I can talk about my ex, 40 years, brilliant archaeologist who has not deigned to pick up his phone when I learned my mother cancer. But that I am not authorized me to talk about this young man who, while there was no closer than that, sent me a message with his phone number to offer me his support. I had then nothing asked.

I do not decide that I'll fall in love. I live my life and personality touches me. Sometimes it is embodied by a man my age or older, sometimes not. Whatever it is in the end this young man is not in love with me. Hopefully the company can rest easy.