When we go out with friends, have a drink to celebrate the end of the week, sometimes a heavy man appears out of the night… Not to restore justice, but to test the improbable. I plant, the décor: while I talk with a friend, the guy interrupts me to offer me a wonderful gift: a phosphorescent straw. Here, I tell myself that I'm really not my age either this man lives in another reality I look puzzled, empty-handed a thank you. I take my discussion.

Two minutes later, he launched a straw on me to get my attention. Here, I say to myself as the primary drag techniques, age really bad. I look puzzled.  I take my discussion.

Two minutes later, it leans towards me. "You just grab a beer at the bar with me?" 'No'. So, I said to a young friend: "Marvin, look at this man. Watching his every move, his movements, his words wood, remembers his sentences… "And don't ever do the same thing if you want to seduce a woman!"