The Camargue, is one of my best vacations. My parents had the idea to rent a room in a typical house in the heart of the salt marshes. It was wild and amazing quiet. The owner had stables, and as you say that make the Camargue horse, it is a real treat! So, when I was asked to discover the Eclae brand whose range revolves around one of the treasures from the Saltworks specifically of Dunaliella Salina, I said yes. On the track, for a tour of this brand!

Focus on Eclae

Eclae is a French brand that draws its roots and richness of the Camargue. The mark fell in love with a halophile green alga: Dunaliella Salina. Why so much love? It's smart to tap into the wealth of the ecosystem that surrounds us (same Idriss Aberkane said).

"Known for its antioxidant qualities, the Dunaliella Salina is used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. Organizations that can survive in such conditions of salinity are few. This seaweed salt resistance comes from the high concentration of astaxanthin (a β-carotene) that protects the light and the levels of glycerol. These unfavourable conditions create a high osmotic pressure that the algae can compensate. Source Wikipedia"

It produces a kind of "rust of salt" that we can sometimes talk about Pink waters. Take a ride on the Wikipedia page, same Pliny the elder in windy virtues! Personally, I have always been impressed by the plants (and animals) extremophiles. And there, each product Eclae contains this famous seaweed for offer us a range of anti-aging and healthy glow.

Most other brand:

  • No parabens! Brand favours natural assets and excludes the parabens.
  • The prices are very decent (affordable products, as 13 euros for the foam for the face).
  • The brand also offers dietary supplements.
  • Their products can be purchased online on their website and in-store.

You're more familiar with the brand, we went to the test!

My test of Eclae products for the face

We clean with exquisite foam!

It is one of my favorites of the range. I use it to clean the face, not to remove me, so, I built in my morning ritual. It is fresh, light, a true happiness. This foam is available in the form of pump bottle. Personally, it is a format that I like a lot (it's super convenient, admittedly).

It moisturizes with serum precious pearls!

I am a big fan of serums before creams, especially because my skin is dehydrated. This serum, it is a little sad history of pearls waterlogged anti-aging assets separated from the gel concentrated in Dunaliella Salina. But thanks to your magic power, a finger on the pump pressure, these two components unite and give your face all their virtues.


It's fresh, moisturizing. I loved this product who wakes up my skin in the morning and who protect throughout the day. For my part, I'm also in the serum at night.

We gum with Camargue powder!

This is my friend AmeliMelo who gave me this scrub for the face powder of salt-based. He sat on the edge of my tub. I finished it yesterday!

My test of Eclae products for the body

SUS to dead skin with the divine body scrub

Then, there huge crush! It is with this product that we realize the color that the seaweed takes. But especially the smell salt of the product, it is an invitation to travel! I closed my eyes and I thought I was in the Camargue. I opened them and I was at Troyes in the dawn, damned! I loved this product which leaves my skin super soft.


Focus pampering of the body with the generous balm!

He filled one of my basic criteria: this balm well penetrates the skin. No need to spend three hours in massage. It is a good point. However, the smell is fairly neutral, which may be fine for not not interact with your own perfume but I confess that I would have liked a smell more pronounced chouille. But hey, we're here to feed first and foremost.

> My opinion: I am seduced by the brand. I'm already out of stock of some of their products. The only weak point for me, the packaging, at the aesthetic level, not practical. But this is a detail. The product I'd like to see them: salts of bath to the famous seaweed :)

The Eclae contest!

The good news of the day, it's that Eclae offers to win a stay in Camargue. Either way, a weekend for 2 people to the Riberach area with spa with Eclae products services. I find this idea of immersion is excellent. I don't know about you, but I come to participate:

Look if it's not something to envy!


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