Thanks to an e-mail from Deweysax, I discovered the site a shitty life. I'm not too hung up on principle… anecdotes, loose plan, of malchanse, of Google… But curious, I went to take a look. And then I burst out laughing! I give you some excerpts:

-Today, I walk past the Church of my neighborhood by car. Pedestrians flow almost under my car, then I open the window and told them jokingly: "y' almost get killed", a pedestrian broke down, they were going to a funeral…

-Today, my little brother for 15 years and who is happy to have "finally" hair on the chest enters bathroom, shirtless while I brush my teeth. He said "look I smoothed my hair", I ask him what, he replied "with your toothbrush

-Today, at work (I work in a resto-bar) a customer just give me something by saying "you can keep the meal?". As usual without even looking at what it is about I answer "Yes, but don't forget starting". Look: it was the wheelchair of his wife.

-Today, I forget the keys to my house. I have the pass through a hole in the fence to let my cats, under the gaze of astonished at my neighbors (I measure 1 m 53 and I weigh 35 kg). I lived here for 6 years. They called the cops…

-Today, I had a colposcopy (a visit of my inner self through the rather place to expel). I wake up next to a bomb, I start the conversation, and obviously the doc had me not talk about side effects, I broke for an hour.

-Today, a colleague came to the job with a HORRIBLE tie. I ask him how he dares to wear this and he responds: "That's all I have left of my father." After a few seconds during which I felt super bad, he laughs and tells me that it is a gift from his daughter.

I'm sure a lot of you can make a contribution :)