Let's be clear, the Christmas holidays are approaching and I'm in a dynamic "good plans". So, as soon as I get in, I makes you share. Here's a good plan for you, if you intend to buy your Christmas gifts on PriceMinister rather than running the stores. The goal? Win your list to Santa, in the form of 200 vouchers of € 100.


How to try his luck in the PriceMinister Paylib contest?

Here are the instructions:

  • Vouchers are only valid on PriceMinister from 101 euros purchase and using the Paylib system. You tell me, but what is Paylib, but it's the French paypal!
  • To participate in the game, go to the "Page Facebook Paylib' from 1 to 18 November 2016.
  • Post a comment with the answer under the post, to the game of the day: where is Charlie? : launch 1/11, 3/11 draw; Battle: launch 4/11, 6/11 draw; Top gift: launch 7/11, 9/11 draw; Rebus: launch 10/11, draw 12/11; Tag a friend who…: launch 13/11, 15/11 draw; Tetris: launch 16/11, 18/11 draw


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