There’s this day where you finally listen to your cravings. This day where you say to yourself, go, I start, I have nothing to lose. Not there, I did it, a year ago allowing me to make clairvoyance to professional title

Between this desire and my reason, it battled severe. What will people think? Will I succeed? And yet, it’s been twenty years that I was reading the tarots of Marseilles. But it is from 2011 I decided to complete my practice training with french and foreign professionals. I met great people, need I tell you!

And next, there are the faithful. Those who consult me for several years. Who give me their confidence, that make me the feedback oh how useful when one wants to continue to be effective. These people and my efforts to feed my passion had reason my fears: reading the future I love it and it’s part of me. I have even created a site for this purpose:

I consult many by skype, phone (in France or abroad) but this weekend, I’ll be at the 3rd Fashion flea market of Violette Sauvage and I am delighted! The flea market Fashion is inspired by urban as the Portobello Market in London markets or the famous markets of Brooklyn: the carreau du temple offers this time 2,000 m2 of ‘first choice second hand’.

For the occasion, I propose an exceptional tariff of consultation: €5 15 minutes of clairvoyance.

  • Fashion flea market
  • Entrance fee: €3
  • Saturday, April 30th from 11 h to 21 h
  • at the Carreau du Temple 4 rue Eugène Spuller Paris
  • More info about the event on the website of wild violet

I expect you are :)

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