Is that I have never been able to define. Why him? Why me? Why hesitate in his amorous quest? One step forward, two back, and sometimes a few aside. Why, even under the influence of love at first sight, we know in advance that this is not the relationship there.

And then, one day, there is this "it".

That day, I went along the Town Hall Square in Paris. I had never seen him, but it was with him that I had an appointment. Without any time knowing him, I guessed its not. Do ask not me why, but I knew that those not there, would be his own. I was behind-lui, I watched him. I could cross at the same time as him. But for the pleasure of watching, I slowed down the steps. Because you need to know revel in these moments there.

So, I let him cross, always in extremis, in his usual manner. The fire went green, I'm remained planted on the other side watching.

A first date is always a moment of tension, even if it is unclear what this will give. So to appease this emotion there, I me was dragged in my favorite dress. This dress which immediately reminds me of the 60's. In my retro outfit, I was only looking at cela. His attitude. He took a book (he devours books), he leaned against the wall of the BHV. I fixed it, and then I crossed.

The minutes that followed, I did not know. The following hours either. The following days, not more. But one evening, I stopped to think for myself lulled into a desire. Her lips, mine, a proximity that I liked.

From this instant, there is not a day where I'm not surprised the place he took in my life. The quality of relationship that unites us. Then I really will never know why him, but at the bottom what good? :)