… tell me that also happen you. For years I was more or less used to live a strange phenomenon: people confuse me. Result I found myself regularly with people who spontaneously made me Kiss:
-"Fun the!" Anaïs how I'm glad to see again you. Do you remember when we were working at j. how we were having fun?"
-"Well no actually I remember well but maybe it's because my name is Céline".
-"Sorry love".

This kind of thing can happen several times a week. With variations in the behavior of the other person.
Disco: "Hey Heeeeeey Florence!"
-"Me it's Celine"
"Yes it's good Flo, I know you!"
-"I'm not Florence, my name is Céline"
"Yes I know the type. Bitches who are super nice in a box and that ignore you the following weekend! Thank you very much"

This is just another phenomenon is growing: people don't recognize me. It happened to me with:
-People with whom I had already discussed.
-With a boyfriend. I'll have to take the test to kiss another man to see if there it me recognizes (the view being so detailed ;)
-About a week ago my mother told me: "Bonjour Madame" saw me enter the store in which she is a volunteer. She doesn't recognize me, but otherwise she is super polite mother ;)
– And today with a very good friend me tagged on a photo from her Facebook album that is not me in the photo!

Will you please tell me that you also happen you (anecdotes are welcome :)